Sunday, September 29, 2013

Since I wrote extensively about my friend Scott Morgan (see earlier posts here) I need to say that Scott passed away peacefully in Goa, India on September 11, 2013. His American doctors had given him 2-4 months to live and he lived 11 months. Credit good fortune, genes, fate or more likely a combination of his determination, sheer will power, and most importantly making every day count and finding something to be happy about. In Scott's case, his partner Katy and his art provided almost everything he needed. For Katy's incredible recounting of the last eleven months' "adventure" please visit her blog Going to Goa. Katy is a real life hero. Out of her devoted love of Scott she was the one who made his last year possible in so many ways. She did things that most people could never face doing, and she did it with style and without complaint. When you next see a butterfly, think of Scott and think of his love for Katy. Carry that message of love with you.

Monday, September 23, 2013

bending wood

One of the factories in Amish country that fascinates me every time I enter it is a steam bending plant. I love the smells, the moisture, the heat and of course seeing wood being treated like it was a wet noodle. I get several parts here for my designs. The bases for the Sheridan Rd. collection are steam bent. Some of the chair backs are as well as the new sculptural accessories for CMJSCreativ. The technology is 19th century steam tanks and hydraulic machinery. Take a look below:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Recently I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot in a wonderful Art Deco era hotel that was apparently built by one of the "Little Chicago" mobsters that called Canton, Ohio home in the 1920's and 30's. I am not sure how long the hotel has been vacant (at least the 18 years I have lived here) but it is undergoing a wonderful restoration by a local developer out of his own pocket as the banks are loathe to lend at the moment. Here are a few pieces that will debut in High Point next month at the Furniture Market.
 My "Gable" chair in a lime mohair as seen in the side stairwell with incredibly beautiful brass railings.
And the same chair as seen in the mezzanine where the other pieces were shot.

 My new Lake Shore Dining table

 The new Lake Shore 24" side table. Walnut, lacquer front and blackened steel base.

Colors and materials were selected with Seattle designer Carisa Marie's guidance and all photos are by Jim Celuch of Celuch Creative.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


 These shots show the making of a mobile/sculpture accessory. One of the first ventures by John with Carisa Marie in their company CMJSCreativ. Carisa is a interior designer from Seattle, and this was her dream to combine these forms with what John has sourced and discovered was possible with steam bending wood. The wood is 1" diameter maple, that was steam bent in an Amish factory. John has done the rest. see the sequence for an idea of how this piece is going to come together. The final piece will be debuting in High Point, during the October Market. It combines the steam bent wood with blacksmithed iron work (from Forged Accents) and blown glass (from Alex Petrakis).