Thursday, April 29, 2010

Developing a Wide Crack

Finish with crackle and glaze (oil) after rubbing:

In spraying a crackle finish, one of the effects I have achieved is to create a very wide "crack" which is a unique effect, and looks nothing like a faux-antique. But the finish must go on fairly heavily and there is a risk of sagging or dripping on a vertical surface. Here is my solution to that problem, so that all four sides of a cube are sprayed horizontally and each given a few moments to set up before rotating to the next side.

This is a close up of the piece. The height is about 24" and the width is 30" on each side. The item is a cube table that will have a base and a stone top. I will try to publish the final picture when it is installed.

Here is the rig I came up with. The "axle" is a 3/4" pipe ordinarily used for pipe clamps. This is the final crackle before sealing and also a glaze coat.
This is the "box" with the coat that goes under the crackle finish.
I have marked the orientation of each side so I can keep track where I am as it gets "spun" to the next position.
This is what the primer coat looks like. One trick for a medium crackle colored crackle is to tint the white primer with a little black because when the "cracking" occurs, it can pull all the paint aside right down to the primer coat. If you use straight white it shows through and makes the under color of the two step crackle look lighter than it is.

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