Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trade show day three

The foot traffic is down and the days are long because there aren't a great deal of potential clients to talk to. This is a hard problem for everyone to deal with. You can see the optimists and the pessimists splitting quite quickly as a result of this. There is one vendor we call Mr. Sunshine that has something negative to say about any subject from the oatmeal at his hotel to the husband of a potential client and he calls this trade show the most dreadful he has ever seen. We talked to another vendor who is disappointed to have taken in only $60,000.00 in orders so far -which far exceeds the amount that anyone else I have talked to has done. We have not done so well in objective measurements but I remain hopeful. We have made many contacts and potential future clients. We have mad many connections and networked some interesting possible innovations in the way we manufacture our products. I hope we have spread the word about our product, its quality, its being made in the US and its green qualities... Tomorrow is the last day and we are keeping our heads up.

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