Saturday, February 14, 2009

Las Vegas Day four and five

There is excellent entertainment at the trade show and its not the mariachi band nor the Aretha Franklin or B-52 imitator bands that they hired. It is the people watching and the strange things you can see. One day a booth behind us that had some upholstered furniture was visited by a designer. She decided to have a seat in the lounge chair. Next thing that everyone noticed was that she had fallen asleep in the chair. She stayed in that position for 45 minutes and many people were snapping phone pictures of her. The owners of the booth were just hoping that she didn't drool on the fabric. Yesterday Steffi Graf was walking around. I'm not sure if she actually designs anything for Kreiss but her and Andre Aggasi's names are on a line of their furniture. When the show was wrapping up, in the final few minutes that they were open and lady was walking aroung asking if there were show samples for sale. When she came by my booth I told her that everything was for sale at deeply discounted pricing. She said she was hoping for "free". I thought that was a lot of nerve, acting like a vulture on the last minute of the show to see if she could furnish her house for nothing. There were cowboys and blonde bimbos walking around sometimes with each other and sometimes not. There was a man in a ski hat and sunglasses walking around inside, and we weren't sure if he was here to steal the furniture or to shop for it. We served champagne and chocolate and some of the other vendors thought we were providing a service to them rather than attracting potential customers. In the end, we are not sure how the show has been for us because there weren't any actual sales made. In the next few months we will find out if the experience and the cost was worth it. But it was entertaining.....

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