Saturday, February 9, 2013

April in High Point

I am excited about the many things that Twitter has brought into my life and business. One recent fortuitous turn of events has come about in relation to my next Market in High Point. I approached Carisa Bell, a Seattle designer who has not previously participated in High Point about the possibility of helping to design my showroom this market. She and I "met" on Twitter where she is @carisamarie11. I liked her design sense, her fresh take on urban decor and her interest in repurposing and recycled and "green" materials. It turns out that she also admired my furniture designs and thus a conversation was started. I was pleased to hear that she was not only willing to do the work but was enthusiastic about the project. In discussing needs we had for lighting and floor treatments, we first began to think about companies we knew, either in her business or that I had met in High Point. But, it occurred to us both that it made much more sense to approach people we knew on Twitter that have great products in those categories. That led us to very appreciative support from Zia Priven Lighting (@ziapriven) and also from Meredith Heron Design's (@meredithheron) new rug/hide line. High Point will be her debut. I am thrilled to be working with this group, and we will be featuring photos of the project as it comes together. Stay tuned and be sure to visit us in Salon, G-7013 in the Suites at Market Square building this Market.

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