Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amish Country

parallel parking
Part of the pleasure of being located in North East Ohio, is being adjacent to the Amish Community nearby. My business has developed a need to visit this area at least once a week and the landscape is always changing.

down a chairmaker's driveway
buggy for pleasure riding and commuting

workhorses do all the field work that a combine would

During the growing season, every week, different vegetables and fruits are available at roadside stands. During the Winter, occasional snows transform the landscape.
It has become a joy for me to discover something different every time I visit the region. I have also gotten to know several of the business people that I do business with and have shared my knowledge of Judaism with them while I have learned about their faith.

There are many different varieties of beliefs in the Amish, which is divided into different "orders". Each order is led by a lay person who has drawn a "lot" to become the local prayer leader. Most of the orders do not permit their faces to be photographed. So, I have focused on the lush landscape and also have documented many factories.

I plan on sharing some of the factory shots in my next post.

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