Sunday, March 3, 2013

For the Twitter Skeptics

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009, and from the start have been frequently questioned skeptically about its relevance to my business. I was skeptical too, for about three days when I started myself. I left the initial set up of my account and the first few tweets to my assistant. She found designers and followed about twenty of them. After a few days I think we had about double that number following me and that meant sudden exposure to forty or so designers I did not already know. With no marketing expense I had accomplished a great first step in spreading the word about my products and services to new contacts all over the Country.

I have always looked at tools as just that – a device that can help you. Granted, there are only so many ways to use a shovel, but there are many more ways to use Twitter, and I’m sure that I don’t know many of them. At High Point in 2010 I had a Twitter based contest called “Tweet for a Table.” The Market Authority Director came and helped kick off the contest. We had people tweeting from all over the Country their entries and introduced many new people to Twitter through the live stream of tweets we had in our showroom. 

In subsequent shows we did a few “tweet ups” including one with twitter cupcakes for the attendees. Artisan North Carolina home made cupcakes with the Twitter bird on a branch.

So far, having an all - Twitter crew of suppliers (@meredithheron and @ziapriven) a designer (@carisamarie11) and the central furniture maker (@johnstrauss) has built up a great deal of interest in our upcoming April High Point Market show. (Suites at Market Square, Salon G-7013)  I have been amazed and delighted by the conversation so far. I look forward to it continuing in North Carolina, meeting many new people I have encountered so far only online, and seeing familiar faces that I have had the pleasure of meeting face to face already.

Through Twitter, I have met @KathyIreland and one day may work with her, have established a relationship with @TLSByDesign as an upholstery house, have met new clients with real paying jobs, and have quoted for and have consulted with many others. This is one virtual community that has crossed over and become a real part of my world. Still skeptical? 


  1. The furniture is always fun to scope out for new ideas. Thanks for making it happen!

  2. the furniture is nice and I like it